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  • Diabetes eye problems like diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and cataracts can all impact not only your vision but the way you look at your life. For the type 2 diabetic with diabetic retinopathy, there is something that can be done to avert retinal detachment and other complications that can lead to blindness.

  • Privacy page for Diabetes Management: How to Control Diabetes. Privacy is repected and the policy as it is implimented, is dicsussed

  • Contact Information for Diabetes Management is provided for those who need to comment on the content or ask questions. We do not do reciprocal linking so please do not ask, however our resource page may list you if your site significantlly contributes to the understanding of or management of diabetes.

  • Diabetic Complications are often avoidable with good tight control of blood sugars, and their effects can usually be mitigated, Eye Problems, Foot and Toe Problems, Kidney Failure, and other heart attacks and strokes are just some of the ways health can be compromised

  • Understanding diabetic foot problems can be an important step in learning to manage your diabetes and avoid the more serious complications. Diabetic foot ulcers and the diabetic foot infection that can follow need to be treated quickly. But with nerve damage, the diabetic may not even be aware that they have a cut, sore, blister or diabetic foot ulcer, and so the infection often goes unattended. Since the circulation is also poor, the infections can become gangrene, and amputation may be neccesary. Diabetes foot problems are discussed in some depth in this article.

  • Diabetes management requires education about how to control diabetes, and an understanding of the diabetes facts needed to learn how to exercise optimum control. The web site provides information and resources and the tools needed to control diabetic complications, and to maintain a healthy lifestyle as a patient with Type 2 diabetes

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  • Lower levels of blood sugar in prediabetics may still be associated with deteced levels of diabetic retinopathy.

  • Resource page for finding links and contacts with diabetes web sites, blogs, organizations, and programs.

  • Answers the questions what is diabetes, what causes diabetes and how would I know the signs and symptoms of diabetes. Diabetes Mellitus 2 and adult onset is the focus of the diabetes definition and help but some attention to Type 1 Diabetes is also included

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