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Diabetic Kidney Problems

Because the kidneys have to work especially hard for the diabetic, kidney failure is an all too common complication. This video introduces the relationship between diabetes and the nephropathy (kidney damage) that can be associated with it.

 Diabetes Mellitus and  Kidney Complications

Diabetes is a chronic illness that has a number of complications, and along with amputation, Renal Failure has the most impact on the daily living  habits if you have diabetes.

Part of your care includes regular blood work by your physician who should be testing you about once each year for any changes in your renal functioing. Good tight control of your blood sugar has been shown to have significant impact on how rapidly and severe your kidneys will react to the diabetic process.




 Renal Failure and Dialysis

If you have had diabetes for a while there is a good chance that your kidneys have been impacted by the diesease process. While with time it is likely you will have some chronic kidney problems fewer than 1% of diabetics end up on dialysis. While some can arrange to have home dialysis, most patients spend a good amount of their time in a dialysis center.

Prevention is important. In addition to regular yearly blood work, to screen for problems, it is important if you have shown signs of chronic kidney disease to avoid too much protein. You also should vigorously work to lower your blood pressure.

It can be draining financially as well as emotionally. Often requiring about 4 trips  each week to the dialysis center, they kidney problem seems to loom very large for the typical diabetic.


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