Diabetes Management

How to Control Your Diabetes and Stay Healthy


Good control of diabetes involves keeping blood sugars as close to a normal level as possible and a whole lot more. The pages that follow on from this discuss several topics related to good diabetes management for the type 2 diabetic, including:

  • blood sugar levels and monitoring
  • diet
  • exercise
  • reviews of Diabetic Complications Clinical Trials
  • foot care
  • attitude adjustments
  • medications
  • getting the most out of your medical team
  • new research

Some of these pages are still being worked on as this is a new site, but this is the jumping off point for these topics which will be discussed more comprehensively in the pages for the specific topic areas above as they relate to diabetic control.

Obviously good diabetic control involves keeping your blood sugar levels low, and keeping the swings from getting out of hand. A major reason for the daily monitoring of your blood sugars, however, is to learn to be able to read your own body's cues about what you need.

Diet and exorcize are not as simple as you might think. Several dietary approaches are available and some might suit you or your diabetes better than others. Exercise is not always easy, especially if you have diabetic foot problems or have to deal with an amputation. Furthermore, exorcize is not just about weight and sugar, but very much about improving your cholesterol and circulatory system.

In addition to insulin and the standard medications there are several newer medications that are important to consider, and of course numerous clinical trials underway. Knowing about the DCCT study and its follow up is as important as knowing about your hemoglobin A1C levels, but so is keeping up with the latest research which is something we hope to help with.

Finally you and your medical team need to develop a partnership that works for you. Only you know your barriers to good health, and if you are having trouble getting the attitude straight, you probably should be in a support group of other diabetics in your community or online.


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